Sign up for my e-mailer! August 29 2014

Dear Stitchers and Needlepoint Shop Owners,


Thank you for signing up for my online newsletters!  Unfortunately, you will need to re-register in order to continue to receive them.


The folks at MailChimp, my new online service, have suspended my account. When I migrated my mail list over from Constant Contact recently, the list included many old e-mail addresses that are no longer valid. That list goes back several years. 


I thought that Constant Contact deleted e-mail addresses that were no longer valid from the list...huge mistake on my part. So, to make a very long and boring story short...MailChimp now thinks that I am in the Spam Business, and I'm not referring to the meat product that is beloved by many in the great state of Hawaii. 


The only way to have received my newsletter e-mailers was to either go on my website and sign up or call me and ask to be added, and those were mostly elderly relatives!  


I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you, and sincerely hope that you will hop on over to my website and re-sign up for my e-mailer. I will be posting this note on my Facebook Page, as well as my blog, so you might see this more than once. But, please only sign up once!


Thank you!

~Sandy Grossman-Morris