Magic Gingerbread House Musical Note & More! August 06 2019

I made a change on the Musical Notes. Yes, in the actual book they are various bright colors, but I decided that in my StoryBook Stocking they are going to be black. This is the fun part of stitching, we can make changes as we's all good, and certainly ok.

The Magic Gingerbread House StoryBook Stocking, Page 2

Musical Notes:

I chose to change mine to black...

FIBER: Kreinik Metallic Tapestry Braid #12, 2 strands   COLOR: Black #010 HL


Background, "Christmas Tree Light Wire, "Glass" Globe


FIBER: Weeks Dye Works Cotton Pearl #5, 2 Strands   COLOR:  Lilac #2334P5    STITCH: Pavillion Diamonds

Christmas Tree Light "Wire":

FIBER: Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton #3, 2 Strands    COLOR: Hunter  #2156    STITCH: Outline Stitch

"Glass"  on the Snow Globe: 

FIBER: Kreinik 1/8" Easter Grass, 1 Strand    STITCH:  I am doing kind of loose Cross Stitches.

NOTE: In places where it appears a little "skimpy", I'm adding an extra X- stitch or two. The idea is to give it a glassy, sparkly edge. I'm also adding a few long stitches with this Easter Grass to the horizontal stitches on the front of the globe. Adding to the stitch at a time!  


Happy Stitching!

From My Little Corner of the World,