Magical Monday #1, Page 2, Globe Background, Elf Hat, & Crayon Box April 29 2019

Welcome to Magical Mondays where we'll be stitching our way through a Magical Gingerbread House Adventure. You can jump in at any time, so, if you haven't ordered your StoryBook Stocking yet...jump on over to my website. 

We are going to start on Page 2 of the StoryBook Stocking, based on the award winning children's book, "The Magic Gingerbread House" by Author P. M. Franks. I'll let you all in on a not so secret secret...Pam, the author, is joining us on this project! 

My personal mantra is "Design, Create, Inspire". Yes, I designed this StoryBook Stocking, now we are going to create it, and we'll all be inspiring each other as we stitch along together. 

Each Monday, I'll share photos, diagrams, etc., and I'm counting on all of you to share your thoughts, work in progress photos, ask for help when you want, and let us know how you are stitching and with what. That way, we can all inspire each other. I'll place a link to my blog "Happenings" on Facebook each Monday as a reminder. 

At age 7, I was taught some basic embroidery stitches, and when I was in my teens I took up simple needlepoint, which is what everyone did then. I wanted to jazz it up and began using different fibers and adding buttons, beads, ribbons, and other bits of fun, as well as introducing "embroidery/crewel stitches"  to my stitching. When I first began my foray into the world of designing for the needlearts, I was publicly chastised at various markets for ruining needlepoint with my "silly arts and crafts". Well, we've come a long way baby, and now just about everyone else has taken my lead and the world of needlepoint is no longer boring, it's exciting!

Please Note that since this is based on a book, we'll call the front of the project "The Cover", the next page will be "Page 1" and the last page will be "Page 2"

Also, I need to finish up & insert the stitch guides for these stitches. I'll have them up for you tomorrow. 

Let the stitching madness begin! 


ELF HAT, Page 2



1. Weeks Dye Works, Cotton Floss, 6 Ply, Color: #2173 Envy  (Mosaic Boxes)

2. Kreinik Metallic Tapestry #12 Braid , 2 strands, Color: #008 (Tent Stitches)



SNOW GLOBE Background, Page 2

Stitch: KENNAN  


1. Long Stitches: DNC Pearl Cotton #366 Blue

2. Short Stitches: Kreinik Metallic Braid #24  Color: #018HL Blue



Crayon Box, Page 2

1. The Back of The Box Stitch: TENT

Fiber: Rainbow Gallery Splendor  12 Ply (use 6 strands) Color: #S907 Green

2. The Side of The Box Stitch: BYZANTINE

Fiber: DNC Pearl Cotton, 2 strands. Color: #700 Green

3. The Front of The Box Stitches: STAGGERED CASHMERE and TENT


1. Kreinik Silk Mori, 6 Ply (Use 3 strands), Color: #2026 Gold  (Staggered Cashmere and Tent)

2.Fiber: DNC Pearl Cotton, 2 strands. Color: #700 Green   (Tent)       





Fibers: Weeks Dye Works, Pearl Cotton #5, Color #1086P5 Icicle, use 2 strands.

Stitch: BARGELLO  

I suggest stitching a back split stitch (as seen below) just under the blue background, then bring the top Bargello Stitches up and over those stitches to create the look of "mounded" snow. To me, in this photo the fiber has a greenish/beige cast. It's actually a nice white with very pale blue.  



Globe Glass Highlights: Kreinik Metallic Tapestry #12 Braid, Color: #9032 10M. 

Stitch: Long Horizontal Straight Stitched. 


I will add stitch diagrams tomorrow!  Hopefully from now on I will post Magical Mondays late Sunday Evening so they will be ready for you early Monday Mornings. Let me know if you have questions.