Magical Monday #12 - Snowman September 09 2019

Hoping everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend! Summer is winding down, Fall is just around the corner and Christmas will be here all too soon. So, let's get stitching.

I just finished the Snowman, which is a "Spare Part" in this project. I plan on hanging mine from the left upper corner of my Magic Gingerbread House StoryBook Stocking. I made him quite glittery, adding to the magical aura of the stocking.


Let's start by finishing the hat, which we began several weeks ago.  I tried several types of beads, but nothing seemed to work. So, I went to my stash and pulled out a spool of Kreinik Metallics in a raspberry color and stitched 3 wrap French Knots with one strand. I liked it.

FIBER:  Kreinik Metallic Canvas Braid #24.  COLOR:  #024.  STITCH:  3 wrap French Knot, 1 Strand. 


Although the photo doesn't show it very well, there is a line of outline stitching at the lower edge of the hat.  To do that, I used one strand of Kreinik Metallic Canvas #24 Braid in Color # 026 (a gorgeous shade of purple. Gives the hat a nice clean edge. 


It's not easy to see, but here's how I stitched the face:

FIBER: 1 Strand of Kreinik Metallics #24 Braid    COLOR:  Iridescent white #9032.  STITCH: Criss-Cross Hungarian.

Note; This stitch leaves a little square between stitches that is perfect for tiny X Stitches, which I did, with 1 Strand of Weeks Dye Works Pearl #5, Color: 1086 P5  Icicle. It's perfect for this Snowman as there is just a wee bit of variegated blue that gives him a fresh snow appearance. I love it! 


 This Guy's Eyes: 

FIBER: 1 Strand of DNC Black Perle Cotton. STITCH: 3 wrap French Knot. 

I stitched several French Knots, even placing a couple on top of the others, creating a "Lump of Coal" for each eye. I think he looks really awesome!

That's it for today...Happy Stitching!

From My Little Corner of the World,