Magical Monday #5....Let's give the Singer a Skirt! June 03 2019

Hi to my Magic Gingerbread StoryBook Stocking Stitchers! 

Today, as I continue to wait for a ton of fibers arriving in my mailbox, (so exciting, as a package or 2 should be arriving today!!!) we are going to take a break from needlepoint stitching and give our Singer in The Doorway a skirt.  On my stocking I refer to her as my Aunty Roz. 

Since I am unable to include a PDF of the Skirt Pattern and Directions here in this blog, I'll be happy to email it to you. Send me an email request and I'll get it sent to you!  E-mail:

If you'd like to add an underskirt, like I did to give it an Old Fashion Look, you'll see those instructions as well. 

I suggest using a light weight fabric in a tiny pattern to match whatever you use to stitch the top for her. Also, if using a tiny seam allowance scares you, just cut the pattern a bit bigger than shown, but keep the fold lines where they are. 

Have fun and please share photos of your skirt. And, as always contact me if you have questions. 

From My Little Corner of The World,