Magical Monday #9: A Barn Raising August 12 2019

This week I raised a barn...well sort of, anyway! And it looks pretty interesting. As I've said before, I no longer have a needlearts shop anywhere near me, which is a total bummer. This leads me to a dilemma....I found the absolute perfect fiber in the perfect color (barn red, of course!) in my stash, for the barn. The problem is, I have no idea exactly what fiber it is, or the company who made it. See photo below, for reference. And, without a nearby needlearts shop, I cannot even pop in and try to match it up. I'll do my best to contact one of the awesome shops via Facebook to see if I can send them a sample, and hopefully I'll be able to share with you all what I used. 

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On to Raising The Barn:

Siding Boards...

FIBER: Unknown at this time, 3 strands   COLOR: Barn Red (at least that's what I'm calling it, because, after all, it's on the barn!   STITCH:  Tent and Horizontal long stitches over 4 threads. 


Siding and Door Trim: 

FIBER: Cotton Floss, 6 Ply   COLOR: White   STITCH:  Tent. Note: X sections on Doors are Cross Stitches. 

Shadowing is Medium Grey Cotton Floss, 6 Ply. Tent

Barn Roof:

FIBER: Cotton Floss, 6 PLY    COLOR:  Medium Grey   STITCH: Long Vertical Stitches. 


Note:  I haven't decided what to use for the Barn Door Handles yet. But, when I figure that out, I'll cover it in a future blog for you. 

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Happy Stitching...

From My Little Corner of the World,