Magical Monday on Wednesday! June 19 2019

Hello my Stitchers!

I ordered several fibers to work with on this project and they's like Christmas Morning, or Boxing Day if you're on the other side of the pond. 

Let's begin with the Gingerbread House on the cover of The Magic Gingerbread House StoryBook Stocking. I actually performed a few rip outs before I was happy with my Stitch/Fiber Selection. And, now, I'm loving it. It just so happens that I am considered by many to be a master gingerbread cookie baker, so the Gingerbread House had to be perfect to me. I didn't want it to have a boring flat look to it. I DID want it to have a wee bit of sparkle and depth to it, plus I wanted it to have various shades to give it a somewhat realistic appearance, all while keeping it magical. it is:


STITCH:  Criss-Cross Hungarian


Long Slanted stitches are Burmilana Wool/Acrylic Blend, 3 Ply. COLOR: #3506.

X-Stitches in between long slanted stitches are Kreinik, 2 Ply. COLOR: 154J.




FIBER: Kreinik Silk Serica, 2 Ply. 

Note...You can see it in the photo, above.  Yummy icing!  Stitching all this yumminess makes me want to stop and go bake a batch of gingerbread to build a Magic Summer Gingerbread House!

I Do Not have a photo yet, but a heads up...the Door stitch is "Wild Goose Chase". Again, it was trial and error, but I'm now happy with it. I used the same Burmilana as the walls. 


Such Magic, Glitz and GLITTER!!! 

I'll be braiding Kreinik's wonderful Micro Ice Chenille #009 to fit each wreath space and hand sewing them on with matching sewing thread. I am totally loving this fiber and so happy that Kreinik created it. 

Please Note...The red bow is NOT the bow that I will attach to this project. It's just a small piece of craft ribbon I had on hand. Trust me, the real bows will look much better, and I'll take photos to show you how to create them. 

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be having foot surgery, so I imagine that I'll be on weird pain pills for a few days. But, as soon as I'm clear headed enough to stitch I'll be having more fun with this project. My surgeon says that I'll be off my feet for a few weeks and that means lots of stitching time for me. 

From My Little Corner of The World!