Life's a Stitch Needlepoint Note Cards


An assortment of needlepoint humor...Please note that fiber colors will vary.

  • That moment when you finish stitching a needlepoint design, look around, and realize that everyone else is just carrying on with their though you didn’t just experience emotional trauma at the hands of a piece of canvas.
  • My doctor told me I should have more fiber...I immediately went to my local needlepoint shop.
  • All you need to be good at Needlepoint are wool, canvas and average intelligence...of course, superior intelligence such as yours and mine is an advantage.
  • Anyone who smiles when they’ve made a mistake on their Needlepoint Canvas...has already thought of someone to blame it on!
  • Showing someone the backside of your Needlepoint Canvas never killed anybody...but why take a chance?
  • 37% of all Needlepoint Projects are never completed...and 42.8% of all statistics are made up.
Handcrafted in the United States

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