About Me



I have always been aRTSY CRaFTSY.  You won’t find either of those words in Webster’s Dictionary, but if they were, the definition would describe me to a “T”.  I absolutely LOVE using art that I have created and taking it to other levels using my crafting abilities; by combining my knowledge of drawing, needle art, sewing, beading, crochet  & an eye for design.

The world inspires me...and I am fanatical about inspiring others. Search the nooks and crannies of your mind to be creative with my needlepoint designs.   One of my note cards says: “Never be afraid to try something new with your needlepoint...Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.”  So build your own ark and it will take you to wherever your creative heart desires.  

My needlepoint canvases have been sold nationwide in retail shops since 2005. Because the retail shops have all of the threads, fibers and stitching knowledge, that's the very best place to shop for them. Many loyal customers have been requesting that I offer my canvases online as local shops have closed their doors. So, here we are, have fun poking around and shopping for your next needlepoint project. 

That's me, on the left in the photo above, during a taping of the television show "Creative Living with Sheryl Borden". It's always fun to inspire others!

I don't just design Needlepoint! I also design and create jewelry, scissor fobs, bags and totes (they will be arriving shortly), and so much more. 

Planning events, creating interesting menus, designing clothing and accessories, furniture and even a couple of homes for family, friends and clients...I have been called a Lifestyle Designer so often that the title has become mine. And I absolutely love it! Follow my blog and you'll begin to understand how that title came about...I hope that I will inspire you along the way.


From My Little Corner of The World,