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Magical Monday on Wednesday! June 19 2019

Hello my Stitchers!

I ordered several fibers to work with on this project and they arrived...it's like Christmas Morning, or Boxing Day if you're on the other side of the pond. 

Let's begin with the Gingerbread House on the cover of The Magic Gingerbread House StoryBook Stocking. I actually performed a few rip outs before I was happy with my Stitch/Fiber Selection. And, now, I'm loving it. It just so happens that I am considered by many to be a master gingerbread cookie baker, so the Gingerbread House had to be perfect to me. I didn't want it to have a boring flat look to it. I DID want it to have a wee bit of sparkle and depth to it, plus I wanted it to have various shades to give it a somewhat realistic appearance, all while keeping it magical. So...here it is:


STITCH:  Criss-Cross Hungarian


Long Slanted stitches are Burmilana Wool/Acrylic Blend, 3 Ply. COLOR: #3506.

X-Stitches in between long slanted stitches are Kreinik, 2 Ply. COLOR: 154J.




FIBER: Kreinik Silk Serica, 2 Ply. 

Note...You can see it in the photo, above.  Yummy icing!  Stitching all this yumminess makes me want to stop and go bake a batch of gingerbread to build a Magic Summer Gingerbread House!

I Do Not have a photo yet, but a heads up...the Door stitch is "Wild Goose Chase". Again, it was trial and error, but I'm now happy with it. I used the same Burmilana as the walls. 


Such Magic, Glitz and GLITTER!!! 

I'll be braiding Kreinik's wonderful Micro Ice Chenille #009 to fit each wreath space and hand sewing them on with matching sewing thread. I am totally loving this fiber and so happy that Kreinik created it. 

Please Note...The red bow is NOT the bow that I will attach to this project. It's just a small piece of craft ribbon I had on hand. Trust me, the real bows will look much better, and I'll take photos to show you how to create them. 

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be having foot surgery, so I imagine that I'll be on weird pain pills for a few days. But, as soon as I'm clear headed enough to stitch I'll be having more fun with this project. My surgeon says that I'll be off my feet for a few weeks and that means lots of stitching time for me. 

From My Little Corner of The World!






Magical Monday #5....Let's give the Singer a Skirt! June 03 2019

Hi to my Magic Gingerbread StoryBook Stocking Stitchers! 

Today, as I continue to wait for a ton of fibers arriving in my mailbox, (so exciting, as a package or 2 should be arriving today!!!) we are going to take a break from needlepoint stitching and give our Singer in The Doorway a skirt.  On my stocking I refer to her as my Aunty Roz. 

Since I am unable to include a PDF of the Skirt Pattern and Directions here in this blog, I'll be happy to email it to you. Send me an email request and I'll get it sent to you!  E-mail:  sandy@sandygrossman-morris.com

If you'd like to add an underskirt, like I did to give it an Old Fashion Look, you'll see those instructions as well. 

I suggest using a light weight fabric in a tiny pattern to match whatever you use to stitch the top for her. Also, if using a tiny seam allowance scares you, just cut the pattern a bit bigger than shown, but keep the fold lines where they are. 

Have fun and please share photos of your skirt. And, as always contact me if you have questions. 

From My Little Corner of The World,



Magical Monday #4 - StoryBook Stocking Cover...First Floor Singing Ladies May 28 2019

Good Morning Stitchers!

Last week, well, life got in the way, as it sometimes happens to us all. And since yesterday was Memorial Day, I didn't want to intrude on such an important day to our nation. Instead, my thoughts and prayers went to all those who died defending our country and to their families. 

Today, we are back to "The Magical Gingerbread House" StoryBook Stocking. Please invite your family and friends to order this canvas set and join in. The more, the merrier!


This time, I placed the StoryBook Stocking Cover in stretcher bars and began with the windows and door on the first level. As you know by now, this is based on the cover of the award winning book "The Magic Gingerbread House, by the wonderful author, P.M. Franks. And, Author Pam is joining us on this stitch along! 

THE GLOWING BACK LIGHTING in the door and windows: 

Stitch: Tent    Fiber: Weeks Dye Works Floss, 6 strands   Color: "Lemonade" #1114.

THE GLOW ON THE SNOW from the doorway:

Stitch: Horizontal Brick   Fiber: Weeks Dye Works Floss, 6 strands   Color: "Lemonade"

I love that the variegation of this fiber gives this glow a more natural look. I think using a plain yellow would have made it look flat. 


Face...Stitch: Tent   Fiber: Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss, 6 Strands  Color: "Cherub" #1134.

Cheeks...Stitch: Tent   Fiber: Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss, 6 Strands  Color: "Rose Quartz" #1137.

Eyes and Mouth:...Stitch: Tent  Fiber: Kreinik Silk Serica , 2 Strands  Color: "Black" #8050.

Hair:...Stitch:  Couched with sewing thread, doubled. Fiber: Rainbow Gallery Fluffy Fleece  Color: FE1  NOTE: I intended to stitch Turkey Work with white Floss to create a fur edge on the hats, which you may prefer. When I chose to make these singers "My Aunties" I ripped out the one that I had already stitched (It looked really good, by the way & I had a few minutes of debating with myself, but that didn't last long, so...rip, rip rip! I'm happy with the hair instead. 

Now, on to the ladies, beginning from the left. I'm naming my ladies after my Aunties. I'm  beginning with Loretta, aka My Auntie Retta. 

What are you naming your ladies? Please post a comment, below! 


Dress Bodice...Stitch: Tent  Fiber: Burmilana Wool/Acrylic Blend, 2 strands  Color Green # 813-3826

Dress Sleeve...Stitch: Mosaic Checker   Fibers: Burmilana Wool/Acrylic Blend, 2 strands. Colors:  Green # 813-3826  and Dark Green # 3822. I stitched the Mosaic Boxes in the Dark green and filled in with  the light green in Tent Stitches. 


Stitch: Tent   Fiber: Rainbow Gallery Petite Very Velvet, 1 strand. Color: Brown, # V648.


Stitch: Lazy Kalem  Fiber:  Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss, 6 Strands  Color: "Raspberry" #1336. NOTE: I did NOT stitch the Spine Line of each book at this point!

To kick up the song books a notch, and give them some importance, I TENT STITCHED the "Spine Line" and outlined each book with a back stitch over one canvas thread with 2 strands of Kreinik Japan Thread #5 Gold #002J. While it's certainly not the easiest fiber to stitch with, just use shorter lengths, take your time, and it will make your song books really pop. 


Stitch: Long slanted stitches with Kreinik White Silk Serica. 

 And, on to Rosella, aka My Auntie Roz, who lived in Minnesota, so I gave her a warm sweater. 

SWEATER: Stitch:...Columns of Tent Stitches   Fibers: Kreinik Silk Serica  2 strands Color: #5203 AND Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff 2 strands  Color: Blue # FZ37. Note: I stitched little back stitches over 1 canvas thread at the neckline. 

Hat:...Stitch: Tent  Fiber:  Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff 2 strands  Color: Blue # FZ37

Designer Note: I will be returning to her skirt later, as I'll be adding a 2 Dimensional skirt. Also, I now realize that I forgot to give her hands!  So, I'll fix that issue in future canvases, but, in the meantime, I'll be adding mittens to this lady. My bad. 

My Aunty Aileen...she loved Orange, but she's wearing Purple.


Dress Bodice...Stitch: Tent  Fiber:  Kreinik Tapestry Braid #12, 2 strands.  Color Purple # 026V

Dress Sleeve...Stitch: Mosaic Checker   Fibers: Kreinik Tapestry Braid #12  2 strands, Color: Purple # 026V AND Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss, 6 strands, Color: "Concord" #1318.  I stitched the Mosaic Boxes with the cotton floss and filled in with the Kreinik braid #12 with Tent Stitches. 

I finished with backstitch at the neckline using the Kreinik Tapestry Braid #12.


Stitch: Tent   Fiber: Rainbow Gallery Petite Very Velvet, 1 strand. Color: Brown, # V648.

I'm really enjoying stitching this project, and I hope that you will begin sharing photos to inspire others. and ask questions! 

I've ordered lots of more fibers to stitch with and I'm on pins and needles waiting for their arrival. 

Until next Magical Monday...Happy Stitching!

From My Little Corner of The World,

Coastal Lights, Sand, & Sea...A quick trip to the beach. May 14 2019 1 Comment

I love being at the ocean, and seeing lighthouses ...it's a fact. One day, I hope to actually stay in a lighthouse, which would be awesome! Today, I'm sharing a few of my coastal designs that would make terrific pillows, knob hangers, or framed art. Some are stitched and I've included the names of the very talented stitchers. Additionally there are a couple of other things that I designed and are available for purchase, as well. Enjoy! 





Chicago Harbor Light...Stitching by Janet Perry, Napa Needleworks



"Crabby Abby"...Stitching courtesy of Pat Delp



Note: yes, I designed this mug,

it's based on my Beach Bucket Needlepoint design! 

 Scissor Fob, created with Vintage Mother of Pearl Buttons, 

a Fresh Water Pearl, Glass Beads, Crystals, etc. 



I hope that you enjoyed a quick trip to the beach with me. As always, please reach out to me with any questions. 

From My Little Corner of The World,




Magical Monday #3, Piano Keys, Snowman Nose, and Gift May 13 2019

Welcome Stitchers! 

The more that I stitch on this project, the more exciting it becomes. The story of "The Magic Gingerbread House" is truly coming to life on this canvas! Please spread the word and invite others to join our stitch along. And, please ask questions, and post comments, as well as post work in progress photos. We all love to be inspired.

Let's stitch!

I think that I found the absolute perfect combo for the piano keys...mixing shimmer and sheen. So, let's begin with them. 

The Black Keys are stitched with 1 strand of Kreinik Metallic #12 braid, Color: #010 Black HL.

Stitches:  The Upper and Lower Lines are in Outline Stitch, everything else is just tent stitches. 

The White Keys are stitched with 1 strand of Kreinik Silk Serica, Color: #8000 white.

Although the photo doesn't do justice, it's truly a lovely combination!


We're taking it easy this week, with tents and long stitches. With that in mind, we're off to the gift under the tree. I'm just stitching the ribbon with 1 strand of Kreinik Metallics #12 Braid, Color #9032 a shimmery white iridescence. I'm stitching the ribbon that wraps around the package in tent stitches. Later on, I'll come back and make a small bow with white iridescent ribbon and stitch it on for a surprise 3D effect. You won't need to stitch all of the center bow, leave it unstitched in the center for easier attachment. As you can see, I have a wee bit of stitching to do!



Snowman Nose:

I stitched a horizontal layer of padding with 2 Strands of Orange DNC  #5 Pearl Cotton, Followed by an overlay of long stitches at a slight angle, using 5 strands of Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss Color: #2228 Pumpkin. Cute!  I'm thinking of adding a couple of brownish strands in and will share, if it works! 

Snowman tongue is tent, 1 strand of Kreinik #9200...for a touch of shimmer. 


Head on over to my website to order your The Magic Gingerbread House Set.


Happy Stitching!

From My Little Corner of The World,


Magical Monday #2, Star, Snowman Spare Part, & Elf Pencil May 07 2019

Hey, welcome back Stitchers! The Magic continues... 

We are still on Page 2 of The Magic Gingerbread StoryBook Stocking. 

I'm sure that you've noticed the "Spare Parts" on the canvas and I'm often asked, what's the deal with those "Spare Parts", so here goes...they are just little designs that I add to the unused portion of canvas that can be stitched, finished and added to the design in some fashion. The two "Spare Parts" on this canvas will be used as whimsical hangers on the stocking. More on "Spare Parts" later!

Oh, before I forget, two important things to remember:

1. Always separate fibers that have multiple strands. Hold each strand up, letting it relax and unwind before combining the proper number of strands. 

2. Always use a Laying Tool to keep your strands straight and even. If you don't have one, get one!  Once you get used to using it and seeing the results, you'll be glad you did. 

Okay...Let's get stitching...and we'll begin with the sweet little star tree topper. 

Scattered Tent Stitches. First, using 1 Strand of Kreinik Metallic #24 Braid, color: #022J Gold, I placed a few scattered Tent Stitches, then filled in with Kreinik Metallic #12 Braid, Color: #4005 Silver.

Note: After stitching the background, I'll return to the Star and add a few sparkly rays and a hint of an outline. 



Moving on to The Snowman's Hat. 

I have no idea what this stitch is called, but I will add a diagram of it, in the meantime, I stitched it with 1 Strand of Kreinik Metallic Tapestry #12 Braid, Color: #3533. It's a gorgeous mix of lavender and blue. We'll be venturing back to this hat later to add little glass beads in the center of each "square". (Just a heads up!)


The Elf Peppermint Pencil. 

All Long Stitches...

We'll begin at the top red section of the peppermint stick pencil. Using 2 strands of red DNC Pearl Cotton place long vertical stitches as a padding. Then, using 2 strands of Kreinik Metallic #12 Braid, Color: #003 Red, stitch long horizontal diagonal stitches on top of the padding. See Photo

Next, stitch long vertical stitches with DNC white Pearl Cotton in the white section, covered with 2 strands of Kreinik Metallic #12 Braid, Color: #9032, a sparkly white iridescent. Continue this pattern to the bottom of the pencil. 


The Tip of the Pencil

Split Stitch, with Weeks Dye Works, #5 Pearl Cotton, Color: #3500 Sand. Use Medium length split stitches to fill in the area, stitching rows up from the bottom. For the pencil tip, I used 6 Strands of Weeks Dye Works, Cotton Floss, Color: #1298 Gunmetal. Beginning at the point I filled in with long straight stitches, finishing up with one extra last stitch at the center point. Be sure to use your Laying Tool throughout for beautiful stitches! 

As always, contact me if you have questions. 

Everyone is welcome to join us, just hop on over to my website and order "The Magic Gingerbread House" StoryBook Stocking. It's based on the Book of the same title, written by award winning author, P.M. Franks. A signed hardbound book is included with each canvas set, so when the needlepoint project is complete, children can follow along as the book is read to them, and then, because it's also a stocking, it can be hung with care to await the arrival of Santa!. This most certainly will become a treasured family heirloom.

Also included is a cloth designer storage bag to keep your StoryBook Stocking free from dust, etc. between seasons. 

Available only on my website, order yours today! 


From My Little Corner of The World,

Sandy's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies April 30 2019

I celebration of National Oatmeal Day AND National Raisin Day, I'm sharing my Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe with you all. I bake a double batch and store them in Zip Lock Bags (in the freezer), for a quick snack or dessert, they only take a couple of minutes to thaw. Enjoy! 
If you bake these, please share pix with us!    

Sandy's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

14 TBs Butter (1 stick + 6 TBs @ room temperature) 
3/4 C Brown Sugar, packed firm                             1/2 C Granulated Sugar
2 Eggs                                                                      2 TBs Pure Mexican Vanilla
1 1/2 C Flour (All Purpose)                                       1 tsp Baking Soda
1 1/2 TBs Cinnamon                                                1/2 tsp Salt ( I don't add salt)
3 C Oats (I like Quaker Old Fashion)                        1 C Raisins
Bake @ 350 degrees on un greased cookie sheets in center of oven. 
Note: I have a Kitchen Aid Mixer and begin with the wire whisk beater, see photo:
Mix Butter & both Sugars until they are nice and creamy. Then, add Eggs and Vanilla, mixing well. Meanwhile, in a separate bowl stir the Flour, Baking Soda, Cinnamon, Salt (if adding), mixing it all up well with a large spoon. 
Now...Switch beaters to the coated flat beater, see photo:
Then, Carefully add the Flour Mixture to the Creamed Mixture. (Ask me how I know this!) and mix well.  
Add the Oats and then the Raisins...don't over mix! 
I gently make "balls" that are approximately 1" in diameter and place on un greased cookie sheets. Doing the math, that comes up to about 15 grams  of Carbs, which fits in with our needs. Bake about 8-10 minutes until they are a pretty gold color. Don't over bake!  After you remove these cookies from the oven, let them rest about 1 minute or so, then place on a wire rack to completely cool, although they are truly delicious at this point! And, they smell amazing. 

Magical Monday #1, Page 2, Globe Background, Elf Hat, & Crayon Box April 29 2019

Welcome to Magical Mondays where we'll be stitching our way through a Magical Gingerbread House Adventure. You can jump in at any time, so, if you haven't ordered your StoryBook Stocking yet...jump on over to my website. 

We are going to start on Page 2 of the StoryBook Stocking, based on the award winning children's book, "The Magic Gingerbread House" by Author P. M. Franks. I'll let you all in on a not so secret secret...Pam, the author, is joining us on this project! 

My personal mantra is "Design, Create, Inspire". Yes, I designed this StoryBook Stocking, now we are going to create it, and we'll all be inspiring each other as we stitch along together. 

Each Monday, I'll share photos, diagrams, etc., and I'm counting on all of you to share your thoughts, work in progress photos, ask for help when you want, and let us know how you are stitching and with what. That way, we can all inspire each other. I'll place a link to my blog "Happenings" on Facebook each Monday as a reminder. 

At age 7, I was taught some basic embroidery stitches, and when I was in my teens I took up simple needlepoint, which is what everyone did then. I wanted to jazz it up and began using different fibers and adding buttons, beads, ribbons, and other bits of fun, as well as introducing "embroidery/crewel stitches"  to my stitching. When I first began my foray into the world of designing for the needlearts, I was publicly chastised at various markets for ruining needlepoint with my "silly arts and crafts". Well, we've come a long way baby, and now just about everyone else has taken my lead and the world of needlepoint is no longer boring, it's exciting!

Please Note that since this is based on a book, we'll call the front of the project "The Cover", the next page will be "Page 1" and the last page will be "Page 2"

Also, I need to finish up & insert the stitch guides for these stitches. I'll have them up for you tomorrow. 

Let the stitching madness begin! 


ELF HAT, Page 2



1. Weeks Dye Works, Cotton Floss, 6 Ply, Color: #2173 Envy  (Mosaic Boxes)

2. Kreinik Metallic Tapestry #12 Braid , 2 strands, Color: #008 (Tent Stitches)



SNOW GLOBE Background, Page 2

Stitch: KENNAN  


1. Long Stitches: DNC Pearl Cotton #366 Blue

2. Short Stitches: Kreinik Metallic Braid #24  Color: #018HL Blue



Crayon Box, Page 2

1. The Back of The Box Stitch: TENT

Fiber: Rainbow Gallery Splendor  12 Ply (use 6 strands) Color: #S907 Green

2. The Side of The Box Stitch: BYZANTINE

Fiber: DNC Pearl Cotton, 2 strands. Color: #700 Green

3. The Front of The Box Stitches: STAGGERED CASHMERE and TENT


1. Kreinik Silk Mori, 6 Ply (Use 3 strands), Color: #2026 Gold  (Staggered Cashmere and Tent)

2.Fiber: DNC Pearl Cotton, 2 strands. Color: #700 Green   (Tent)       





Fibers: Weeks Dye Works, Pearl Cotton #5, Color #1086P5 Icicle, use 2 strands.

Stitch: BARGELLO  

I suggest stitching a back split stitch (as seen below) just under the blue background, then bring the top Bargello Stitches up and over those stitches to create the look of "mounded" snow. To me, in this photo the fiber has a greenish/beige cast. It's actually a nice white with very pale blue.  



Globe Glass Highlights: Kreinik Metallic Tapestry #12 Braid, Color: #9032 10M. 

Stitch: Long Horizontal Straight Stitched. 


I will add stitch diagrams tomorrow!  Hopefully from now on I will post Magical Mondays late Sunday Evening so they will be ready for you early Monday Mornings. Let me know if you have questions.


The Magic Gingerbread House Stitching Idea #1 September 15 2016

I'll be blogging my way through the stitching and finishing of this project.  We will be starting soon, so be sure and order "The Magic Gingerbread House" StoryBook Stocking so that you can join me on this stitching journey!  Please note that this is NOT a class where we will be stitching every aspect of the project, but more of an overview of how I am stitching mine. Please contact your local needlepoint shop and request a full class!


I just created StoryBook Stockings! August 25 2016

I was contacted by author, P.M. Franks to design a stocking based on her popular children's book, "The Magic Gingerbread House", and I knew right away that a plain, regular stocking would not do this project any justice at all. So, as is often the case, I took it to a whole new level and created a StoryBook* Stocking!  Yes, it's still a stocking, but it's also a "book" that children can follow along with when the book is being read to them. 

Which reminds me...a hardbound copy of "the Magic Gingerbread House" is included with each design, and it's signed by the author. Awesome! 

And it's available now, at your favorite needlepoint shop, or if you don't have a shop nearby, you can order it right on my website. Needlepoint shops will have so many fibers and threads to choose from, plus they have the expertise to guide you through your project. So, please try to shop your local store first.

There are 4 canvases included in this design, and the signed book arrives with them. You'll want to place your order right away. 

I am so excited to be on this very cool adventure, and I know that you will be, too, as you stitch your way to creating your own "The Magic Gingerbread House" StoryBook* Stocking! 




*A Sandy Grossman-Morris Exclusive!

♥ Welcoming New Family Members ♥ July 06 2016

Are you awaiting a new member to your family? Stitch one of these precious 12" stockings, "A Child Is Born" to welcome the little one. Keep it simple, or let your creativity soar with all of the new fibers, beads and other Tchotchkes available at your local needlearts shop. 

Designing these were an absolute joy for me. By the way, we are awaiting TWO new family members this fall! Guess what this Nana is doing? 

Click Here   "A Child is Born" Needlepoint Stockings



Honor Military Loved Ones June 11 2016

Honor 1 -4 family members serving in the military with these Blue Star Needlepoint Canvas DoorKnob Hangers. Receive a one time, 15% discount off your ENTIRE ORDER when your order includes a Blue Star DoorKnob Hanger.  Quick To Stitch size: 4" x 6.5"


Just include this Discount Code when you place your order: 



A Wee Bit....Luck o' the Irish February 25 2015

I love celebrating holidays!  St. Patricks' Day is just around the corner, so I'm sharing a needlepoint Shamrock Stitch, which I believe could easily be converted into a cross stitch pattern. I can definitely see this finished as a tiny brooch, or in a miniature frame. Stitched on 14 count canvas it would certainly work up really fast. Time to look through my stash and get those creative wheels turning!

Send me photos of what you create with this stitch and I'll share it to inspire other stitchers.... 

Sign up for my e-mailer! August 29 2014

Dear Stitchers and Needlepoint Shop Owners,


Thank you for signing up for my online newsletters!  Unfortunately, you will need to re-register in order to continue to receive them.


The folks at MailChimp, my new online service, have suspended my account. When I migrated my mail list over from Constant Contact recently, the list included many old e-mail addresses that are no longer valid. That list goes back several years. 


I thought that Constant Contact deleted e-mail addresses that were no longer valid from the list...huge mistake on my part. So, to make a very long and boring story short...MailChimp now thinks that I am in the Spam Business, and I'm not referring to the meat product that is beloved by many in the great state of Hawaii. 


The only way to have received my newsletter e-mailers was to either go on my website and sign up or call me and ask to be added, and those were mostly elderly relatives!  


I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you, and sincerely hope that you will hop on over to my website and re-sign up for my e-mailer. I will be posting this note on my Facebook Page, as well as my blog, so you might see this more than once. But, please only sign up once!  




Thank you!

~Sandy Grossman-Morris

Gone Fishing August 16 2014

Stitching "gone fishing"... Began with the background, in a Jacquard Stitch. Too structured for the particular theme that I'm going for...a coastal cottage. Ripped it all out...is it just me, or does this happen to you, too?


 Gone Fishing needlepoint by Sandy Grossman-Morris


So, I tweaked it a bit on graph paper and came up with this new stitch that I'm calling "Wave Stitch".  


  Wave Stitch on "Gone Fishing', by Sandy Grossman-Morris


Much Better!

The fibers I am using are all from Weeks Dye Works, an environmentally friendly company where everything is made right here in the United States.

Background: #3 Pearl Cotton in #1166 Sea Foam and Cotton Floss #1166 Sea Foam.  The color of Sea Foam reminds me of sea Glass and wave ripples on a pristine beach...perfect for this project! 

Lettering: #3 Pearl Cotton in #1191 Whitewash.


Here's the Stitch Guide for the "Wave Stitch"  




Happy Stitching!


Beach Bucket August 14 2014

The inspiration for my "Beach Bucket" needlepoint design came from a little girl on a California Beach. Armed with several plastic containers and an old retro looking beach bucket, this ambitious little girl and her parents were busily constructing a sandy castle. Yes, that's right, a "Sandy Castle", as she patiently explained to me.  "We've been building them my whole life", she told me. I'm guessing she was about 4.

I sure miss my beach buckets and building castles in the sand. 

Hoping that you get the chance to build a "sandy castle" soon...in the meantime here's my take on a retro "Beach Bucket", inspired by a little girl with an old rusty bucket on a beach. After all, you'll need something to put your beach glass and shells in. There is also a matching mug for some delicious clam chowder. 

The bucket will be about 8.5" tall when stitched, not counting any handle that a finisher might add. The mug? It's a very generous 20oz.! (did I mention it's the perfect size for chowder?) Click on the photos for more information!


On Beach Time August 07 2014

For those of you who are relaxing on the beach, heading to the beach or would rather be at the beach...the perfect pair:
My new "On Beach Time" Needlepoint Design. 8" x 8" on #13 or #18 Zweigart Deluxe Canvas.
PLUS: A really cool mug that is generously sized for your favorite libation or creamy clam chowder.
Click on the images below to take you away to where you can purchase them!



Pacific Coastal Inspiration... July 22 2014 1 Comment


Welcome to my new blog! As a Lifestyle Designer, I'll be blogging on many things...hoping to inspire my followers.

Earlier this year, My husband, Bob, and I took a much needed mini vacation to the coast. Specifically, Monterey, California.



Here are some photos of Mother Nature's beauty that inspired my "Sand-tastic Summer" designs...enjoy!

The deep aqua in the center of the wave was the inspiration for the color of the crystals I chose to use in my Vintage Mother-of-Pearl Button Scissor Fobs and Earrings...

Hearing the waves crash against the coastal rocks made me think of all the broken shells

used to make Mother of Pearl Buttons...




 Such grace...


I'm guessing that they named this for me?



        Morning (Left)  

        Evening (Right)                       



Peace....and more of that deep aqua!