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The Magic Gingerbread House Stitching Idea #1 September 15 2016

I'll be blogging my way through the stitching and finishing of this project.  We will be starting soon, so be sure and order "The Magic Gingerbread House" StoryBook Stocking so that you can join me on this stitching journey!  Please note that this is NOT a class where we will be stitching every aspect of the project, but more of an overview of how I am stitching mine. Please contact your local needlepoint shop and request a full class!


I just created StoryBook Stockings! August 25 2016

I was contacted by author, P.M. Franks to design a stocking based on her popular children's book, "The Magic Gingerbread House", and I knew right away that a plain, regular stocking would not do this project any justice at all. So, as is often the case, I took it to a whole new level and created a StoryBook* Stocking!  Yes, it's still a stocking, but it's also a "book" that children can follow along with when the book is being read to them. 

Which reminds me...a hardbound copy of "the Magic Gingerbread House" is included with each design, and it's signed by the author. Awesome! 

And it's available now, at your favorite needlepoint shop, or if you don't have a shop nearby, you can order it right on my website. Needlepoint shops will have so many fibers and threads to choose from, plus they have the expertise to guide you through your project. So, please try to shop your local store first.

There are 4 canvases included in this design, and the signed book arrives with them. You'll want to place your order right away. 

I am so excited to be on this very cool adventure, and I know that you will be, too, as you stitch your way to creating your own "The Magic Gingerbread House" StoryBook* Stocking! 




*A Sandy Grossman-Morris Exclusive!

♥ Welcoming New Family Members ♥ July 06 2016

Are you awaiting a new member to your family? Stitch one of these precious 12" stockings, "A Child Is Born" to welcome the little one. Keep it simple, or let your creativity soar with all of the new fibers, beads and other Tchotchkes available at your local needlearts shop. 

Designing these were an absolute joy for me. By the way, we are awaiting TWO new family members this fall! Guess what this Nana is doing? 

Click Here   "A Child is Born" Needlepoint Stockings



Honor Military Loved Ones June 11 2016

Honor 1 -4 family members serving in the military with these Blue Star Needlepoint Canvas DoorKnob Hangers. Receive a one time, 15% discount off your ENTIRE ORDER when your order includes a Blue Star DoorKnob Hanger.  Quick To Stitch size: 4" x 6.5"


Just include this Discount Code when you place your order: 



A Wee Bit....Luck o' the Irish February 25 2015

I love celebrating holidays!  St. Patricks' Day is just around the corner, so I'm sharing a needlepoint Shamrock Stitch, which I believe could easily be converted into a cross stitch pattern. I can definitely see this finished as a tiny brooch, or in a miniature frame. Stitched on 14 count canvas it would certainly work up really fast. Time to look through my stash and get those creative wheels turning!

Send me photos of what you create with this stitch and I'll share it to inspire other stitchers.... 

Sign up for my e-mailer! August 29 2014

Dear Stitchers and Needlepoint Shop Owners,


Thank you for signing up for my online newsletters!  Unfortunately, you will need to re-register in order to continue to receive them.


The folks at MailChimp, my new online service, have suspended my account. When I migrated my mail list over from Constant Contact recently, the list included many old e-mail addresses that are no longer valid. That list goes back several years. 


I thought that Constant Contact deleted e-mail addresses that were no longer valid from the list...huge mistake on my part. So, to make a very long and boring story short...MailChimp now thinks that I am in the Spam Business, and I'm not referring to the meat product that is beloved by many in the great state of Hawaii. 


The only way to have received my newsletter e-mailers was to either go on my website and sign up or call me and ask to be added, and those were mostly elderly relatives!  


I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you, and sincerely hope that you will hop on over to my website and re-sign up for my e-mailer. I will be posting this note on my Facebook Page, as well as my blog, so you might see this more than once. But, please only sign up once!  




Thank you!

~Sandy Grossman-Morris

Gone Fishing August 16 2014

Stitching "gone fishing"... Began with the background, in a Jacquard Stitch. Too structured for the particular theme that I'm going for...a coastal cottage. Ripped it all out...is it just me, or does this happen to you, too?


 Gone Fishing needlepoint by Sandy Grossman-Morris


So, I tweaked it a bit on graph paper and came up with this new stitch that I'm calling "Wave Stitch".  


  Wave Stitch on "Gone Fishing', by Sandy Grossman-Morris


Much Better!

The fibers I am using are all from Weeks Dye Works, an environmentally friendly company where everything is made right here in the United States.

Background: #3 Pearl Cotton in #1166 Sea Foam and Cotton Floss #1166 Sea Foam.  The color of Sea Foam reminds me of sea Glass and wave ripples on a pristine beach...perfect for this project! 

Lettering: #3 Pearl Cotton in #1191 Whitewash.


Here's the Stitch Guide for the "Wave Stitch"  




Happy Stitching!


Beach Bucket August 14 2014

The inspiration for my "Beach Bucket" needlepoint design came from a little girl on a California Beach. Armed with several plastic containers and an old retro looking beach bucket, this ambitious little girl and her parents were busily constructing a sandy castle. Yes, that's right, a "Sandy Castle", as she patiently explained to me.  "We've been building them my whole life", she told me. I'm guessing she was about 4.

I sure miss my beach buckets and building castles in the sand. 

Hoping that you get the chance to build a "sandy castle" soon...in the meantime here's my take on a retro "Beach Bucket", inspired by a little girl with an old rusty bucket on a beach. After all, you'll need something to put your beach glass and shells in. There is also a matching mug for some delicious clam chowder. 

The bucket will be about 8.5" tall when stitched, not counting any handle that a finisher might add. The mug? It's a very generous 20oz.! (did I mention it's the perfect size for chowder?) Click on the photos for more information!


On Beach Time August 07 2014

For those of you who are relaxing on the beach, heading to the beach or would rather be at the beach...the perfect pair:
My new "On Beach Time" Needlepoint Design. 8" x 8" on #13 or #18 Zweigart Deluxe Canvas.
PLUS: A really cool mug that is generously sized for your favorite libation or creamy clam chowder.
Click on the images below to take you away to where you can purchase them!



Pacific Coastal Inspiration... July 22 2014 1 Comment


Welcome to my new blog! As a Lifestyle Designer, I'll be blogging on many things...hoping to inspire my followers.

Earlier this year, My husband, Bob, and I took a much needed mini vacation to the coast. Specifically, Monterey, California.



Here are some photos of Mother Nature's beauty that inspired my "Sand-tastic Summer" designs...enjoy!

The deep aqua in the center of the wave was the inspiration for the color of the crystals I chose to use in my Vintage Mother-of-Pearl Button Scissor Fobs and Earrings...

Hearing the waves crash against the coastal rocks made me think of all the broken shells

used to make Mother of Pearl Buttons...




 Such grace...


I'm guessing that they named this for me?



        Morning (Left)  

        Evening (Right)                       



Peace....and more of that deep aqua!