"The Magic Gingerbread House"

A Tale of a StoryBook Needlepoint Stocking



Once upon a time.. Author P.M. Franks, inspired by a family tradition spanning over thirty years, took pen to paper and wrote “The Magic Gingerbread House” sharing the tale of a very special Christmas when five of Santa’s elves came to live in a very special gingerbread house.

8 Weeks before Christmas, 2016.. “The Magic Gingerbread House” was flying off the shelves at Barnes & Noble and other prominent book stores nationwide.

After The New Year.. The idea of stitching a Christmas stocking based on her book popped into P.M. Franks’ mind as she loved to do needlepoint. And, she had a small granddaughter who would love the stocking as much as she loved the story written by her grandmother.

A few months ago.. P.M. Franks began searching for the perfect needlepoint designer to design her project. It would have to be someone who would capture the heart of the story and place it on canvas.

And that’s where I, Sandy Grossman-Morris, Needlepoint Designer, entered the story... P.M. Franks sent me a copy of “The Magic Gingerbread House”, which I read several times. I also listened to online interviews with her as I began to draw the designs for this project. It was apparent to me very early on that a regular holiday stocking would not do.

3 A.M. one fine morning... Hmmm..why is it that great ideas generally come to me at that very early hour??? Anyway, it came to me: Sandy’s StoryBook Stocking Design! Yes! This stocking actually opens up as a book. (Fabric hinges can be put in by the finisher!) This way, when the “The Magic Gingerbread House” is read aloud, even a very small child will quickly learn to follow along with the stitched images, creating a wonderful family tradition. One of my famous “Spare Parts” on the project can be attached to form a “pocket” for the rent money. I can’t tell you any more than that, or I’ll spoil the story!

Present-Day... Needlepoint Shops can now order “The Magic Gingerbread House” StoryBook Stocking for their shops! Each stocking comes with a hardbound copy of “The Magic Gingerbread House” that is signed by the author, P.M. Franks. Stitchers may not get the project stitched and finished for this coming holiday, but they will be able to begin a new family tradition of reading this heartwarming book. And, I am very excited to be a part of this adventure!

Supporting Our Troops... This year, United Through Reading has selected author Pam Franks’ book, “The Magic Gingerbread House”, to be distributed to our deployed soldiers. United Through Reading is a non-profit organization that sends books to our soldiers overseas each year, video records the soldiers reading the book and then sends the book and video back home to their families. 

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