Away They All Flew


My adaptation of 2 historically significant forms of creating art. Redwork & The Silhouette. Redwork, an almost forgotten part of our quilting and needlework history, is now enjoying a revival! It is believed to have originated in Europe in the early 1800’s and traveled to America around 1850 with the availability of color fast red floss. It took its name from an embroidery thread known as Turkey Red. The manufacturing process for "Turkey Red" was complex and a well-kept secret for decades. A complete "recipe" for the original dye remains a mystery. 
  • The art of silhouette cutting originated in Europe in the early 1700's.
  • Prior to the French revolution, silhouettists were hired as an amusement for the royal class.
  • Design is 14" x 6"
  • Canvas only, no fibers or threads are included.

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