Grunelda Philpott and Polkadot


A bit of a Drama Queen, Grunelda Philpott, along with her sidekick cat, Polkadot Philpott.  Designed to be finished as a 3-D standup, with a cape and the cone of a hat. 

  • About 12" tall.
  • Design is available on #13 or #18 canvas. 
  • Includes a Stitch Guide!  
  • 4 separate canvases are included in this design: Front of both Grunelda and Polkadot, Back of both Grunelda and Polkadot, A cape for Grunelda and the Cone for a hat (brim is not included).  
  • My signature "Spare Part" on this canvas is a patch pocket that can be stitched and placed onto the front of Grunelda's Dress, adding a bit of realism. 
  • Note: Canvas only, no fibers, threads, notions, lace, beads, etc. are included. 
  • Designer Note: I suggest embedding wire between the layers of any brim that might be added to the hat cone, so that the brim can be bent for a dramatic flair. 
  • See photos of a finished Grunelda and Polkadot for inspiration. 

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