Christmastime Collection Needlepoint Note Cards


An assortment of Christmas Cheer....Please note that fiber colors will vary.

  • Three Wise Women...would have asked for directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made dinner & brought practical gifts. And on the way home they would have said: Did you see the sandals Mary was wearing with that gown? Can you believe that they let all of those disgusting animals in there? That Baby doesn’t look at all like Joseph. Merry Christmas!
  • The lines are long, the weather’s dreary. There’s no place to park, and it’s hard to be cheery. For the time’s that you think it just can’t get any worse....Hide a piece of chocolate in your purse. Merry Christmas!
  • Decking the halls & trimming the tree...My eyes are so burry, I can hardly see. Wrap all the gifts, hang the stockings “with care”. There’s so much to do, so much to prepare!.....Bake cookies & cakes, and a crisp apple pie. I should be ready for Christmas on the 4th of July! Have yourself a a Very Merry Christmas!
  • Materials List for making a Living Wreath: One Wreath Form, Several pounds of Sphagnum Moss, A huge Bucket for soaking moss, non-porous gloves for safety, a large bag of Potting Soil, one spool of fine gauge Floral Wire, 2 packages of Floral Pins, Long Tweezers or Chopsticks, $100 worth of Plants......I’m not making one, but I thought I’d share my knowledge! Merry Christmas!
  • Friendship is a knot...tied by the hands of angels.
  • I made this just for you. (Gift Information Note Card) Especially For..... On this date.... Celebrating..... Historical Notes...... Stitched by........    A little note is included with this card that reads: “A gift that is truly “from the heart”, very often becomes a family heirloom.  Passing from generation to generation, questions arise; who made it, when, why, where, did the maker embellish with any items of significance? Tuck this card in with your present as a gift to the future.

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