Magical Monday #11: Peppermint Stick August 26 2019

Magic Gingerbread House StoryBook Stocking

Peppermint Stick "Spare Part"

I often get asked, what are my "Spare Parts"? Well, sometimes, when there's available blank space on a canvas design, I'll add a little design to the canvas that can be stitched and used as part of the design. Due to the particular shape of the Magic Gingerbread StoryBook Stocking I was able to add a few things that will make the finished stocking even more magical. There's the Peppermint Stick that will be finished in a cylindrical shape, wrapped in clear cellophane and will be hung with a ribbon from the left upper side at the front of the stocking, along with the cookie and the snowman face. Who knows, maybe a tiny gingerbread man cookie cutter will show up there, as well? 

You will also see "Sandy's Spare Parts" on some of my other designs. A STOP sign, "Petey Patrol" Police Car, or "Trax" the train, from my Transportation Station™ Collection Photo Frames. The letters spelling out "BOO" on the "Boo From The Crew" Halloween design. And, many more. My signature touch of whimsey. 



So, now that you know about my "Spare Parts"...let's begin stitching one.

On the "Cover" of The Magic Gingerbread House StoryBook Stocking 
I spent a lot of time figuring out what to do to get the look I was going for on this, so it was stitch, rip, stitch, rip, stitch, rip. I'll save you the trouble and share what I ended up liking. It's a combination of matte and shiny, giving a sugary depth to this peppermint stick. I'm happy! The photos do not do justice. 
White  Stripes: 
Pure White Cotton Floss (your choice of brand, I used DMC)  6 Ply PLUS 1 strand of Kreinik Metallic Braid #12, Color #9032. Note: Be sure to use your laying tool.
Red Stripes:
1 Strand of Bright Red Pearl Cotton #5, I used DMC, PLUS 1 Strand of Kreinik Metallic Braid #12, Color # 003HL
And, I see a couple of stitches that I need to fix!  It happens on occasion. 😉
My goal is to finish this project in time to do a reading of Pam's wonderful book, "The Magic Gingerbread House" at our local library and at Barnes & Noble Book Store during this Holiday Season. I truly hope that will happen. How magical will that be?
Happy Stitching and please share this blog with your friends. Comments welcome and encouraged. 
From My Little Corner of the World.