Magical Monday #4 - StoryBook Stocking Cover...First Floor Singing Ladies May 28 2019

Good Morning Stitchers!

Last week, well, life got in the way, as it sometimes happens to us all. And since yesterday was Memorial Day, I didn't want to intrude on such an important day to our nation. Instead, my thoughts and prayers went to all those who died defending our country and to their families. 

Today, we are back to "The Magical Gingerbread House" StoryBook Stocking. Please invite your family and friends to order this canvas set and join in. The more, the merrier!

This time, I placed the StoryBook Stocking Cover in stretcher bars and began with the windows and door on the first level. As you know by now, this is based on the cover of the award winning book "The Magic Gingerbread House, by the wonderful author, P.M. Franks. And, Author Pam is joining us on this stitch along! 

THE GLOWING BACK LIGHTING in the door and windows: 

Stitch: Tent    Fiber: Weeks Dye Works Floss, 6 strands   Color: "Lemonade" #1114.

THE GLOW ON THE SNOW from the doorway:

Stitch: Horizontal Brick   Fiber: Weeks Dye Works Floss, 6 strands   Color: "Lemonade"

I love that the variegation of this fiber gives this glow a more natural look. I think using a plain yellow would have made it look flat. 


Face...Stitch: Tent   Fiber: Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss, 6 Strands  Color: "Cherub" #1134.

Cheeks...Stitch: Tent   Fiber: Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss, 6 Strands  Color: "Rose Quartz" #1137.

Eyes and Mouth:...Stitch: Tent  Fiber: Kreinik Silk Serica , 2 Strands  Color: "Black" #8050.

Hair:...Stitch:  Couched with sewing thread, doubled. Fiber: Rainbow Gallery Fluffy Fleece  Color: FE1  NOTE: I intended to stitch Turkey Work with white Floss to create a fur edge on the hats, which you may prefer. When I chose to make these singers "My Aunties" I ripped out the one that I had already stitched (It looked really good, by the way & I had a few minutes of debating with myself, but that didn't last long,, rip rip! I'm happy with the hair instead. 

Now, on to the ladies, beginning from the left. I'm naming my ladies after my Aunties. I'm  beginning with Loretta, aka My Auntie Retta. 

What are you naming your ladies? Please post a comment, below! 


Dress Bodice...Stitch: Tent  Fiber: Burmilana Wool/Acrylic Blend, 2 strands  Color Green # 813-3826

Dress Sleeve...Stitch: Mosaic Checker   Fibers: Burmilana Wool/Acrylic Blend, 2 strands. Colors:  Green # 813-3826  and Dark Green # 3822. I stitched the Mosaic Boxes in the Dark green and filled in with  the light green in Tent Stitches. 


Stitch: Tent   Fiber: Rainbow Gallery Petite Very Velvet, 1 strand. Color: Brown, # V648.


Stitch: Lazy Kalem  Fiber:  Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss, 6 Strands  Color: "Raspberry" #1336. NOTE: I did NOT stitch the Spine Line of each book at this point!

To kick up the song books a notch, and give them some importance, I TENT STITCHED the "Spine Line" and outlined each book with a back stitch over one canvas thread with 2 strands of Kreinik Japan Thread #5 Gold #002J. While it's certainly not the easiest fiber to stitch with, just use shorter lengths, take your time, and it will make your song books really pop. 


Stitch: Long slanted stitches with Kreinik White Silk Serica. 

 And, on to Rosella, aka My Auntie Roz, who lived in Minnesota, so I gave her a warm sweater. 

SWEATER: Stitch:...Columns of Tent Stitches   Fibers: Kreinik Silk Serica  2 strands Color: #5203 AND Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff 2 strands  Color: Blue # FZ37. Note: I stitched little back stitches over 1 canvas thread at the neckline. 

Hat:...Stitch: Tent  Fiber:  Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff 2 strands  Color: Blue # FZ37

Designer Note: I will be returning to her skirt later, as I'll be adding a 2 Dimensional skirt. Also, I now realize that I forgot to give her hands!  So, I'll fix that issue in future canvases, but, in the meantime, I'll be adding mittens to this lady. My bad. 

My Aunty Aileen...she loved Orange, but she's wearing Purple.


Dress Bodice...Stitch: Tent  Fiber:  Kreinik Tapestry Braid #12, 2 strands.  Color Purple # 026V

Dress Sleeve...Stitch: Mosaic Checker   Fibers: Kreinik Tapestry Braid #12  2 strands, Color: Purple # 026V AND Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss, 6 strands, Color: "Concord" #1318.  I stitched the Mosaic Boxes with the cotton floss and filled in with the Kreinik braid #12 with Tent Stitches. 

I finished with backstitch at the neckline using the Kreinik Tapestry Braid #12.


Stitch: Tent   Fiber: Rainbow Gallery Petite Very Velvet, 1 strand. Color: Brown, # V648.

I'm really enjoying stitching this project, and I hope that you will begin sharing photos to inspire others. and ask questions! 

I've ordered lots of more fibers to stitch with and I'm on pins and needles waiting for their arrival. 

Until next Magical Monday...Happy Stitching!

From My Little Corner of The World,